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Inteliments is an IoT system integrator delivering complete and innovative solutions for a variety of industries.

Inteliments helps companies collect, store and analyse data from a wide range of devices, sensors and machines in real time to optimise production and business processes, reduce costs and make costs and make effective decisions.

IoT Data Platforms

IoT Data Platforms
Inteliments software collects, processes, analyses and evaluates data from devices and sensors. The data is then analysed by platform. The data is stored in a secure and distributed network.


Our solutions securely connect smart things, manage and analyse data, create applications and add value to your product or service. We design and develop custom solutions easy to use and integrate with devices.

IoT Consulting

How can your business effectively use the Internet of Things to enhance your products and services. We are ready to collaborate with you to reveal new and elegant technology solutions for your product or service portfolio.


We are looking for passionate software developers. Could that be you? Please complete this simple enquiry form if you are interested in getting on board with Inteliments team. We will call you back to arrange a meeting. We look forward to meeting you!

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