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Inteliments is an IoT system integrator delivering  complete and innovative solutions for a variety of industries.

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IoT Data Platform

IoT Data Platform

We acquire, process, analyze and evaluate data from  devices and sensors. The data is then analyzed on our IoT platform. Data are stored in a secured and distributed network.



Our IoT solutions enable you to securely connect smart things, manage and analyze data, create applications, and add value to your product or service. We design and develop complete IoT solutions that are easy to use and integrate with (existing) external devices.

IoT Consulting

IoT Consulting

How can your business effectively use the Internet of Things to enhance your products and services. We are ready to collaborate with you to reveal new and elegant technology solutions for your product or service portfolio.

Focus on your core business, we take care of your information streams

IoT Data Platform

Sensors and Time Series data storage

We have a highly available, realtime data storage solution capable of acquiring, storing and analysing data from a virtually limitless number of connected devices.

Realtime processig and UI dashboards

Things are happening right now! Real-time analytics enable enterprises to timely integrate, analyze, and visualize information as it is produced. Supporting your daily business.

Rules engine

Our powerful rules engine and algorithm technologies when applied to real time and historical data will optimally support your business and process decisions.

Statistics and analytics

Get the best out of your data by discovering trends, understanding process dependencies and using this to create predictive models to anticipate the future. Our IoT plaform will provide you with the tools to do this.

Data loss prevention and high availability

Your data will be stored in a distributed network. This means your data is secure, always available, fully protected against loss assuring the continuity of your business. If your requirements demand local storage of your data we are able to support and provide the right solution and assure your data is always available.

Configuration management

All systems change. Our Configuration management system assures that when new devices or sensors are modified or added the IoT solution automatically captures and stores those changes into our Configration management system. 

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