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About Inteliments

Inteligence to your instruments

The fundamental behind Inteliments was born in 2012. This is when Big Data and the Internet of Things became established visions and concepts. The founding members of our company had complimentary passions and skills in areas such as software technologies, electronics & connectivity, business development and value creation. This match of passion and skills lead to the establisment of our company, Inteliments.

2013 The first Data management platform was implemented and operational. A pilot project was established within the renewable energy industrial sector.

2014 Inteliments platform was upgraded. The new upgrade facilitates the implementation of larger and more complex solutions allowing us to serve larger and more complex industrial projects.

2015 New technology and research center opened in the Czech Republic. This new centre complements our recently opened new Business development center in The Netherlands. In 2015 we also agreed various partnerships, establishing Inteliments as a platform integrator for the Internet of Things.