Building the future with the right partners



Inteliments has become an official datastax partner in order to create joint value proposition to it’s customer base through the effective solutions based on the Datastax Enetrprise technologies. Datastax delivers Apache Cassandra™ in a database platform that meets the performance and availability demands of Internet-of-things (IoT), Web, and Mobile applications. It gives enterprises a secure, fast, always-on database that remains operationally simple when scaled in a single datacenter or across multiple datacenters and clouds.


Metatronics develops and produces intelligent professional industrial and consumer electronics in the broadest sense of word. Their flexibility in rapid prototyping, engineering and industrialization phases, strengthened by the complementarity of our technologies makes us strong partners able serving the market with integral solutions a timely manner. We cooperate with Metatronics especially in the area of smart sensing technologies.


KPN, one of the biggest connectivity providers in The Netherlands is nowadays investing in the newest IoT connectivity technologies. One one of them is LoRa. This new technology will make it possible to connect low-data M2M devices to the Internet via a low-frequency connection. Potential benefits include street lights that can be remotely activated and deactivated, real-time. KPN plans to participate in the LoRa Alliance. The introduction of LoRa and the planned participation in the LoRa Alliance are key factors in accelerating the national and international development of Internet of Things. LoRa stands for ‘Long Range’ and makes it possible to connect millions of low-data and low-energy devices to the Internet in a cost-effective way. This can help organizations improve their services and business processes, reduce costs and develop new business models.

Inteliments has become on of their first start up KPN partners to deploy those new connectivity technologies together on the Dutch market.


SIGFOX is a global cellular connectivity provider for the Internet of Things, fully dedicated to low-throughput communications. The SIGFOX connectivity solution is based on an antenna & base station infrastructure that is completely independent of existing networks, such as the telecommunications networks. This low-throughput only network is being rolled out in 60 countries within the next five years.
Inteliments has become a certified Value added Solution Provider (VASP) in order to integrate the Sigfox technology in its customer solutions and by this step contribute to the world wide roll out of this new communication standard.