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Smart Industry The Netherlands

Intelimens as official Smart Industry CAMPIONE ambassador


The Netherlands has a world-class industrial base. Numerous large and small companies are among the leaders in their respective markets. That is something to be proud of, but we cannot be complacent. Indeed, the world is changing at a rapid pace. Globalisation continues unabated, economic reality is forcing companies to remain competitive. Consumers and customers increasingly expect tailor-made solutions. At the same time, unparalleled technological development is taking place: the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is characterised by far-reaching digitisation of industry. High demands are being placed on companies to adapt to this economic reality. This requires action by the Netherlands.

Ambition and strategy

The ambition of the Team Smart Industry is a strong Dutch industry that grows and creates jobs. The digitisation of industry offers the Dutch business community great opportunities to remain competitive in a new era of global competition. All the statistics show that ICT is the most important driver for productivity growth at this time. Therefore, companies will need to have the ambition to be at the forefront. This Action Agenda supports the business community in that ambition.

Field Labs

The main ambition in the Action Agenda is the creation of ecosystems - interrelated networks of companies and knowledge institutions - around the core principles of Smart Industry > ACTION AGENDA SMART INDUSTRY THE NETHERLANDS 3 such as automation, zero defect manufacturing, flexible production, chain collaboration, customer intimacy, value creation based on big data and on a number of core technologies such as 3D printing and robotics. A lot of knowledge and expertise is already present but fragmented. Therefore, the Team Smart Industry has opted for an approach with Field Labs. Inteliments is a member of the CAMPIONE Field Lab, focused on the 100% predictive maintenance in the manufacturing process. We will contribute to this initiative by developing a robust data management solutions supporting the CAMPIONE action plan.

Inteliments - Smart Industry ambassador

To strengthen the cooperation with Smart Industry, Inteliments has become its official ambassador. The Smart Industry ambassadors are companies which are prepared for the future and are willing to contribute by sharing their knowledge and expertise with the Smart Industry action agenda. The cooperation and knowledge sharing is the essence of the ambassador's mission. Inteliments is proud to take-on this role.