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IoT Solutions

Building business IoT solutions

Building business IoT solutions? Inteliments is a IoT services integrator. We deliver complete and innovative solutions, using state of the art data management and technologies to achieve the optimal cost effective IoT solution.  

We help organizations reduce the cost, complexity and time to market for IoT applications. This is achieved by utilizing our performance analytics system connected to public or private cloud based data gathering remote devices and sensors. 

As a system integrator we take full responsibility of every step in the development of customer specific solutions.

  • product definition, architecture, specification, functional and technical requirements
  • product development, custom web front-ends and back-end development based on our InteliGlue® platform (web applications, services, interfaces, etc.)
  • private LoRa networks setup, deployment and sensors registration
  • software development
  • data management & algorithms
  • implementation of our solutions
  • project management
  • on-going services and support

Our solutions are highly available and robust from the very beginning. Even small projects are prepared for upscaling in the future. The architecture is designed to be distributed and scalable.