Renewable energy - water heating


The SolarTherm demonstrates our expertise on the area of IoT.


The basic idea behind is a sensor unit attached to any solar thermal installation anywhere in the world, measuring various parameters of the system. Collected data from all systems are being sent and are stored in big data no sql database. In parallel, the selected data are being processed according the algorithms carefully designed together with the customer and being in real time displayed on the web based dashboard. (see picture).

  • communication technology (messaging) is built on the latest IBM M2M standard connectivity protocol MQTT
  • any solar installation is monitored through one single user interface
  • any solar installation is accessible through any device connected to the internet (tablet, PC, phone, etc.)
  • real time data are being published to Custom user interface dashboard
  • statistics and algorithms are running on our servers

Sensor Device Mount Kit

The sensor unit is a custom designed hardware developed by our engineering team using the latest open source technologies with embedded operating system. The unit is connected to a solar installation measuring the essential system parameters. We call it a Sensor Unit. The Sensor Unit is continuously monitoring all parameters and is instantly sending the raw data to the Inteliments platform.

Software and Infrastructure

Our platform is built on a software & hardware infrastructure that facilitates the storage, analysis and processing of the data received from all sensor units around the globe. The processed data are being translated into the valuable information displayed on the customer specific HTML5 dashboard in a real time. Next to the real time data, specific historical and cumulative information are being displayed on the very same dashboard. This all is powered by our own Inteliments platform.

Measured Solar System Parameters

  • Solar tank temperature
  • Cool water input temperature
  • Heated water output temperature
  • Water flow

Information generated by our platform

  • Daily Earnings (EUR) reflected to the substitute of gas necessary to produce same amount of energy
  • Daily cumulated energy (kWh)
  • Estimated gas consumption required to heat same amount of water (m3)