InteliGlue® introduction

InteliGlue® is a highly scalable IoT data & management platform, provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or on premises. It is built on open communication and connectivity standards. The platform is unopinionated and can be configured to any specific solution and used instantly.


InteliGlue® main features:

  • Enterprise grade security
  • Data acquisition, storage and query
  • Multitenant, with a sophisticated system of access rights
  • Connectivity technologies agnostic (connect Sigfox, LoRa, IQRF, private gateways, etc.)
  • Scripting engine
  • User friendly web UI
  • Real-time data provisioning to standard protocols or frontend applications
  • Cloud or on premises solution
  • No more data isolation

Basic concepts

Data accounts

A data account is the bearing entity that consolidates data for a specific business domain. Each data dccount can be configured to any business domain requirements. InteliGlue® user can setup multiple data accounts.

A data account enables customers to acquire data to InteliGlue® platform and get processed them inside. One of the basic processing mechanisms is the raw data storage. The data are stored for a predefined time range (depends on configuration within a data account). Storage of particular topic stream could be also bypassed at all. Historical raw data can be acquired from a data account using Raw Data API or previewed using InteliGlue® portal.

Data clients

A data clients can be liken to user accounts, but diference is that data clients are usualy not human but machines, gateways, sensors... A data client is an entity, that has rights exchange data with InteliGlue®. Supported are two channels MQTT and HTTP (both over TLS).

Topic based streams and security

Our system is based on publishing data / messages to topics, using MQTT or HTTP protocol. Topic is a hierarchical string structure similar to folders hierarchy on your operating system. Schema of the topic is unopinionated, there is only one rule: Every topic starts with Data Account root token. Structure of the topic is project specific.