Sigfox integration

InteliGlue® is ready to recieve and process data from the Sigfox Backend using HTTP protocol callbacks.


  • Data account (You will need your data account root token)
  • Data client in HTTP mode (You will need existing HTTP data client, username and password to construct basic auth token)
  • Access to Sigfox backend

Sigfox backend configuration

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to the "DEVICE TYPE" main navigation.
  3. Select your device type > Edit
  4. Naviate to the "CALLBACKS" left menu.
  5. Click "New" button at right top page corner and select "Custom callback".
Parameter Value
Channel: URL
Send duplicate: False
Custom payload config:
Url pattern:{device}/data [1]
Use HTTP Method: POST
Send SNI: True
Header: Authorization
Value: Basic basic auth token here [2]
Content type: application/json


  "device": "{device}",
  "data": "{data}",
  "time": {time},
  "duplicate": "{duplicate}",
  "snr": "{snr}",
  "station": "{station}",
  "avgSnr": "{avgSnr}",
  "lat": "{lat}",
  "lng": "{lng}",
  "rssi": "{rssi}",
  "seqNumber": "{seqNumber}"


Take attention to values [1] and [2], those needs to be configured based on your InteliGlue® account setup.

[1]{device}/data bold part is topic where Sigfox Backend will publish messages to. Replace xxx with your data account root token, anything behind is optional. Text in brackets will be replaced by Sigfox Backend by available variables. In our example will be Id of Sigfox device part of the topic string.

[2] Basic authentication token must be provided here. Token is Base64 string of HTTP data client's username:password. There is nice tool to convert UTF8 to Base64

Click "ok" button to create new callback and you are done. From this moment you should see data in your data account from your Sigfox devices. You can check by HTTP client data fetch.

Example screenshot of Sigfox Backend configuration